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For custom-decorated clothing in large numbers, let Isabella Embroidery work for you. We can digitize any heraldic design and stitch it on banners, tabards, arming coats and any garments designed for Medieval and Renaissance high fashion.

We can embellish uniforms, as well as all of the little details and accessories necessary for a complete look: purses, napkins, handkerchiefs, capes, mantles and hoods, giving that period touch to your group’s clothing. Choose from many different media: leather embroidery, appliqué, sequins and ribbon embroidery.

Whether you are in a Renaissance Fair or an historical re-creation group, our extensive library of colors and devices ensures that your barony, household, order or kingdom will go forth in style.

Please be advised that a number of badges are related to the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), denote status within the Society, and should be used according to its requirements.